Machu Picchu 1 Day Tours

OVERVIEW TOUR: Machu Picchu 1 Day Tours

Tour Machu Picchu Full Day en Tren

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  • Duración:  1 dia / 0 noches
  • Salidas Diarias:  01:00pm a 00:00Hrs.
  • Ubicación:  Machu Picchu - Aguas Calientes - Cusco - Peru
  • Tipo de Excursión:  Recorrido.
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Tours Machu Picchu 1 Day by train

An unforgettable day full of wonder and atonement, exploring one of the greatest creations of the Machu Picchu man. You will visit the archaeological sites of Machu Picchu such as: the Royal Barracks, the Temple of the Three Windows, the Temple of the Sun, the houses of Vigil and Prayer, the Intihuatana -place where the sun marks. A free tour to explore Machu Picchu taking pictures. In the afternoon, we will board the train (Peru Rail or Inca Rail) that will take us back to the station and then we will continue to Cusco city.



Machu Picchu 1 Day Tours


Very early, at 5:00 a.m. We will move from your hotel to the train station. At 7:20 a.m. We will board the train that passes through the Sacred Valley of the Incas until we reach the town of Aguas Calientes. In Aguas Calientes we will take the bus that will take us to the Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu, located on top of a mountain.

Once in Machu Picchu our guide will begin the guided tour so that you can better know the history and architecture of the Inca City of Machu Picchu. You will be amazed with the Inca buildings and temples, as well as the natural environment that surrounds them. The Sacred Solar Clock, the Royal Rooms, the Temple of the Three Windows etc.

Upon reaching the Machu Picchu citadel, we will go through the control, where we will deliver our income tickets and where we will begin our guided tour, visiting the Main Square, the Circular Tower, the cemetery, approximately for more than two hours.

Then you will be given free time, to take a walk through the archaeological center of Machu Picchu to descend to the town of Aguas Calientes via bus to eat your food, in one of the many restaurants in the town of Aguas Calientes or if you want to Hotel Santuary Lodge (must indicate before making return to the town) (lunch is on your own). In the afternoon we will take the return train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo where a transfer awaits us so we can continue by bus until we reach Cusco .


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  • Transfer Cusco – Ollantaytambo – Cusco.
  • Ollantaytambo  Train – Aguas Calientes – Ollantaytambo.
  •  Bus Consettur Aguas Calientes – Machupicchu  – Aguas Calientes.
  •  Entrance to Machu Picchu.
  • Profetional Guide .
  •  Service in shared.
  • Personal assistance during your entire visit.

It does not include in the tour to Machu Picchu full day:

  • Other services not mentioned.
  •  Unscheduled feeding. Souvenirs


  • Arrive half an hour before the train station In Machu Picchu you will climb many steps,
  • wear appropriate shoes.
  • We suggest bringing a small backpack with your camera,
  • wearing a hat, sunscreen,
  • mosquito repellent and a bottle of water.


The entry to Huaynapicchu must confirm at the time of making your reservation and is subject to availability of seats. (maximum 400 spaces per day) entrance to climb to Huayna Picchu is $ 15.00 dollars The accommodation will be based on double, triple and / or multiple rooms

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Introduction to Machu Picchu.

Known worldwide for its impressive architecture and landscape, Machu Picchu is a must for any visitor to the country. Every corner of these beautiful ruins is full of intrigue and shows the brilliance of the Inca imagination. They fit perfectly with the imposing green peaks that surround the citadel, which makes their isolation and serenity both humble and stimulating ( Machu picchu Travel ).
Recently, Machu Picchu has been voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in recognition of this magnificent achievement of human effort salkantay trek . Now it receives thousands of visitors every year who clamor to see the citadel with their own eyes. Even after exploring the ruins, it is hard to imagine how they were built ( salkantay trekking ). This always leaves visitors with a great respect worthy of the Inca Empire, which although it collapsed as a result of Spanish arms and diseases more than four hundred years ago, still leaves its mark on the society and culture of modern Peru. To see this empire at its best, take a tour of Machu Picchu as part of your vacation in South America ( Salkantay trek ).
Geography and climate of Machu Picchu : Machu Picchu is located in the convergence between the mountain and the jungle in the province of Cusco, Peru. 2,450 meters (7,710 feet) above sea level. The city rests between two mountains high above the valley of the Urubamba River. It is strategically located with steep slopes on all sides and an insurmountable mountain standing behind it. It was visited by the Incas from Cusco using the Inca trail.
The  amazon peruvian and and amazon have  2 main seasons  the  season of rain and the  season dry  the season of rain is between october and april with the dry  season that begins gerelly between may and september  during the dry  season  temperatures can work from anywhere between 12 c , (50 F)  night  through the  30’S C (Hight  80S f)  during  the day ( inca trail ) .
It is not surprising that the dry season is the best time to travel to Machu Picchu and this coincides with the summer holidays in . Europe and North America . July and August are the busiest months and to avoid large crowds, people should try to travel to Machu Picchu outside of these months.
Transportation from Machu Picchu Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Pueblo) For those looking to spend more time in Machu Picchu, or get to the ruins early in the morning, a stop in Aguas Calientes is almost indispensable. In fact, the city was built almost entirely for this purpose and this is where all the train services from Cusco and the Sacred Valley travel (  inca trek ) .
Transportation of Machu Picchu: There are several kinds of trains that will take you from Cusco or Ollantaytambo to the station in Aguas Calientes; the trip usually lasts approximately 4 hours from Cusco and 2 hours from Ollantaytambo ( inca trails ) .
For those who like to travel from Cusco in style, the Hiram Bingham express is a wonderful engine complete with first class service. The interior is Exquisitely decorated with polished wood and plush seats. The train includes two cars for dinner, an Observation Bar and a Kitchen Car where delicious meals are prepared. This is definitely the most luxurious way to travel to Machu Picchu  ( inca trails ) .
The alternative service of Vista dome allows travelers to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view along its route through large windows located on all sides of the wagons. Snacks and refreshments are offered during the trip and entertainment is also offered. A more affordable option is the service for backpackers, which still has fantastic views, although not with the same comfort and service  in your trips ( machu picchu  ) .
History of Machu Picchu : It is believed that the date of the construction of Machu Picchu was around 1430. Many theorists think that it was abandoned less than 100 years later and that the region was uninhabited at the time of the Spanish conquest, perhaps as a result of the onslaught of Small ( inaka trail )  . The smallpox that arrived in Peru before the Spaniards. This depopulation would explain in part the inability of the conquerors to easily track the site and remained intact and invisible to Europeans for centuries. The fact that it was exempt from Spanish looting makes it one of the most complete sets of Inca ruins machu picchu  in the country.
Almost 400 years after the fall of the Incas, Yale scholar Hiram Bingham was taken to the ruins by locals in the area during his search for the last Inca outpost of Vilcabamba. At first he thought he had found his prize, and understandably, but after further investigation it became clear that this was not the case. In fact, Bingham had already visited what is now believed to be Vilcabamba or salkantay trekking , but he had discarded these ruins since he was not aware of its extension, which today is still enveloped by the thick jungle  to machu picchu .
Since its discovery of Machu Picchu ( salkantay higt ), the site has been cleared and its profile has increased dramatically. Now it is considered to be the most important archaeological site in America, and one of the most important in the world ( huayna picchu ). Archaeological discoveries continue to be made around the site, and its historical importance is recognized by UNESCO, which declared it a World Heritage Site in 1983. It has also been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and has become a tourist extremely popular destination attracting crowds of people every day ( salkantay trek ).
So, why exactly was Machu Picchu built? Thousands of theories have been given in an attempt to answer this question. These range from having importance as a sacred religious city to being a high security prison. The most likely explanation, however, is that it was built as a spiritual and ceremonial retreat for the Inca Pachacútec during an expansionist period of the Inca . Empire in the mid-15th century. In its heyday, it is even thought that this was the center of a buzzing economic region that could have been populated more than just inside the city to machu picchu .
Design of Machu Picchu Regardless of its purpose, what is clear is that a high degree of intelligence was devoted to the careful planning and construction of the Inca citadel. A more detailed examination of the ruins reveals that much thought was given to the different elements of the city and their arrangement in relation both to each other and to the surrounding natural environment.
Machu Picchu is divided into two sections by a central plaza covered with grass. In general, to the east of the square there are a variety of structures of religious importance. On the western side they are mostly civil structures that would have been the living room of the workers in the city ( huayna picchu ).
Religious structures of Machu Picchu :One of the most fascinating aspects of the ruins is the great concentration of important religious structures. These indicate that the site almost certainly had some kind of religious significance. Most of the main structures are concentrated around the Sacred Plaza ruins machu picchu .
Temple of the Sun to machu picchu : The importance of this temple is evident at the beginning, since it has the most immaculate and precise stone masonry that can be found throughout the site and is the only part of the ruin that has a curved wall. However, the true meaning of the temple of the sun lies in its alignment with the heavens. The central stone of the temple is at an angle with an adjacent window in such a way that the light of dawn at the winter solstice in June illuminates it. This has led archaeologists to believe that the temple could have acted as an astronomical observation center.
Temple of the three windows: Perhaps the most striking part of the ruins, the temple of the Three Windows, is another testimony to the geometric precision of Inca architecture. It is also a wonderful example of how its architecture echoed the surrounding environment: each of the three open trapezoidal windows frames a separate peak on the horizon.
Main temple: This is called due to its size and complexity and it is above other areas of the citadel. A diamond-shaped stone is incorporated into its center, which is said to represent the constellation of the Southern Cross. It includes a secondary temple called Sacristy where it is believed that the priests were prepared before performing sacred rites and ceremonies.
intihuaTana: Also known as “the sun’s binding post,” this magnificent carved rock was symbolically linked to the sun on the winter solstice. It is believed that this stone and similar stones were used to make astro logical observations and to calculate important phases of the year. Archaeologists continue to explore the various angles and surfaces of the rock to deduce how this Inihuatana and other similar were used in this regard ( ika trails ) .
Ideally located near the Aguas Calientes train station and close to where the buses depart for the short trip to Machu Picchu, the newly renovated map is perfect for travelers who want to see the sunrise over the ruins. The modern and elegant hotel claims to be the best in its category and offers services and decoration of great value. It also has beautiful gardens and a bathtub Whirlpool where guests can relax at night with a cocktail after a delicious dinner. Travelers looking for comfort and a touch of luxury during their trips to Machu Picchu will be delighted with the excellent and luxurious hotel ( machu picchu ). Located just 200 meters from the train station, this wonderfully decorated establishment has 31 fully equipped and tastefully decorated rooms. Each accommodation has wooden furniture, a large covered bed with comfortable bedding, and some rooms even offer stunning views of the river. Three walls are immaculate white, while a wall is made of natural brick to give the room an elegant but rustic look. Andean art adds the final touch to the room. All rooms have internet, LCD cable TV and air conditioning, while the hotel itself offers its guests a restaurant, bar, sauna and gym. Guests can not ask for more modern comfort and convenience during their Machu Picchu vacations.
Restaurants of Machu Picchu: Aguas Calientes also hosts many good restaurants. The majority are grouped around the old train station and on Av. Pachútec.
Nightlife in Machu Picchu: There are a lot of bars and even a disco in Aguas Calientes for those who can not resist a fast boogie. However, nothing is particularly spectacular and prices can be much higher than in other parts of Peru.
Sports activities of Machu Picchu: Although the national sport of Peru continues to be football, the country’s diverse terrain and climate offer a growing variety of entertaining outdoor activities that range from the domesticated to the extreme. An additional advantage of many of the activities is that they are available for a variety of different levels of athletics and types of travel, from families to individuals, and from beginners to experts.
Popular team games in Peru besides soccer include volleyball, tennis and golf. Extreme sports available for the most adventurous travelers in regions across the country include surfing, mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, horseback riding and rafting.
Multi-Sport Machu Picchu: This multi-sport tour of four days / three nights in the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu is ideal for travelers looking to add a touch of adventure to their vacation in Peru. The itinerary includes mountain biking Cusco to Santa Maria, hikes from Santa Maria to Santa Teresa, walks through Patallacta, take a train to Aguas Calientes, visit to Machu Picchu and return to Cusco. For more information about this tour, follow this link: Peru Adventure Tours: Multisport Machu Picchu ( salkantay trek ).
Health and safety in Machu Picchu: The best thing is to drink bottled water while traveling to Machu Picchu like anywhere else in South America machu picchu  to avoid getting harmful parasites or waterborne diseases. If there is no bottled water available, be sure to travel with water purification tablets or boil water for 15 minutes to eliminate any harmful bacteria ( salkantay machu picchu .
Many travelers are affected by the high altitude of the region. It is best to avoid caffeine, smoking or alcohol, as this will amplify the effect of dehydration that altitude often causes; Be sure to drink plenty of water too. Nibbling coca leaves or drinking coca tea is a good remedy for soroche (altitude sickness). Although Aguas Calientes is not so bad for crime (it is practically non-existent in Machu Picchu), travelers should always be careful with thieves. This applies especially when you are in large crowds of people, such as at the train station, where you can easily hide the trimming of bags or collecting bags. Store valuable items in your hotel safe and always pay attention to your bags; Never leave your bags without a supervisor ( machu picchu travel ).

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