Second interviewing your physician [ ]

Second interviewing your physician [ ]

Within their late children, Mels caused Amy to help you realize Rory’s attitude into the their and you can she came back his affections. Inside performing this, Mels, becoming its child, paradoxically triggered her own lives. (TV: Why don’t we Kill Hitler) Whenever Amy found your medical professional again, she turned-out uncomfortable having admitting the lady connection with Rory, at least on Doc. (TV: This new Eleventh hour)

A family doctor, thinking that just five full minutes got elapsed, returned within the 2008 whenever Amelia are today contacting by herself «Amy» in order to point by herself regarding the woman «fairy tale» label. She first started relationship Rory and you will did because the good kissogram. At the time of the fresh new Physician’s return, she try wear a good mock woman cops constable uniform, resulting in him meilleurs sites de rencontre vietnamiennes pour célibataires to think her to get a police officer merely as the she got assumed your to get 12 many years earlier due to the fact of TARDIS’s additional. Although questionable, she assisted the doctor beat Prisoner No and you may alert this new Atraxi never to return to Planet. He got couple of years to take the new TARDIS into the moonlight to break on the brand new motors. (TV: The fresh Last second)

Will eventually till the Dy attended an enjoy skirt people having Rory. She used their WPC consistent, while the the guy clothed since the an excellent Roman centurion. She hidden a snapshot regarding class toward a text to the Roman Great britain. (TV: The newest Pandorica Opens)

Amy is actually engaged in order to wed Rory for the . On the nights twenty five Summer, your doctor returned to keep his 14-year-old hope. She entered your toward condition she getting returned prior to early morning but did not mention their wedding. (TV: New Last-minute)

Travel for the Doc [ ]

Upon earliest entering the TARDIS, Amy hyper-definitely asked the doctor on the their nature and his awesome, perhaps the Doc was «a tiny slug from inside the an individual fit», what police boxes was, and when brand new TARDIS’s rooftop white previously necessary modifying. Easily exhausting out of the lady questions, the newest Dy towards an enthusiastic atmospheric bubble not in the TARDIS, in order to float weightlessly in proportions. (HOMEVID: Meanwhile on the TARDIS 1)

Amy’s earliest travel regarding the TARDIS got the girl so you can Starship British on 33rd century. It had been covertly powered by a celebrity whale who had been tortured to store the fresh ship moving. Amy freed it, and it proceeded to help you airplane pilot the fresh new boat as it are kind-hearted. Along the way, Amy met the future Uk monarch, King Elizabeth X. She is actually entertained when you are accepted and you can recognized of the bodies machines given that a-1,306-year-dated Uk topic and you can eligible voter but concerned by the girl relationship updates are not familiar. (TV: The Beast Lower than)

Heeding a need let, they went along to battle-ripped London area within the 1941 to generally meet Winston Churchill, who was simply playing with Daleks to help in the war, believing them to be drones produced by Dr Edwin Bracewell. If Doctor experimented with which have the girl tell Churchill regarding their correct character, Amy had no answers to possess him despite stayed through the Race away from Canary Wharf in addition to 2009 Dalek intrusion, something that left your amazed and confused. Following the Daleks cheated your medical professional toward enabling assists new revival of its battle, they escaped as a result of time. Amy helped deactivate this new Oblivion Continuum into the Bracewell by the persuading your he had been individual. (TV: Victory of one’s Daleks)

Due to Rory’s timidity to your to make people close overtures to the Amy, and his awesome obvious disinterest in other ladies, Amy incorrectly presumed your to-be homosexual

Then your Dy located the brand new Daleks got missing the human being race inside the 1963, utilizing the Attention of your time to evolve record. It went through the eye to Skaro through to the Daleks showed up. Amy first started vanishing. She utilized this problem to get parts towards Doc so you’re able to make a vision disruptor and you can sneaked because of the Daleks to set it so you can blind them because they turned up. The doctor flooded the magnetic field generators. The newest Daleks forgotten the eye and not used it to switch records. (GAME: City of the latest Daleks)


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