The Top 10 List Of Hot Korean Girls To Follow On Instagram

The Top 10 List Of Hot Korean Girls To Follow On Instagram

Hot and sexy Korean women conquered Instagram in less than a year, with their faces being used as profile photos and their looks as fashion inspirations. Now, presenting you the sexiest Korean girls on Instagram.

Yeona Kim

Starting this list of Korean sexy women with a lady who`s got a stunning body, long hair, and life many dream about. Yeona is a young Korean model, influencer, and blogger. She loves traveling across Korea and usually posts pictures from her trips to the sea. This cute Korean girl often shows off her gorgeous body on Instagram in swimsuits and lovely outfits.

Yeona has short travel blogs in her saved stories, where you can watch her travels to Busan, Jeju Islands, Hong Kong, etc. This hot Korean girl posts spicy photos for followers who want her content. She loves taking videos of the food, so if you love some Korean cuisine, Yeona is a must-follow!

Nara Bit

One of the hottest ladies in South Korea, Nara is a 23 y.o. swimsuit and underwear model, who can bless your timeline on Instagram with her gorgeous pictures. She`s an example of sexy Korean women who flaunt any dress or costume. Nara loves swimming, traveling, and creating short blogs from Instagram stories.

Her IG is popular among beauty lovers because Nara has almost a million followers! This Korean girl knows she`s sexy, so Nara pampers her followers with beautiful and teasing pictures regularly. Check out her amazing profile and interesting stories on Instagram!

Dayoung Nam

Another stunning Instagram Korean girl, Dayoung is a fashion and fitness blogger with a little over 140k followers. Her page offers amazing selfies, aesthetic pictures, and daily Korean life in Stories. Dayoung knows how to dress to impress: her outfits are usually something simple yet cleavage-showing, she likes dresses that accentuate her small waist and long legs.

This hot and sexy Korean woman loves helping out animals in need and constantly donates to animal shelters. Dayoung sets a great example for her followers. If you want to learn more about her, follow her on Instagram!

Ming Sejin

A queen of big cleavage and an aesthetic page, Sejin is a young inspiring artist and fashion ambassador in South Korea. For people who aren`t getting satisfied with the number of selfies she posts, this pretty Korean girl on Instagram has more than 18 saved stories compilations!

Sejin dreams about becoming a professional beauty model and works hard to become recognizable. She`s a cute but sexy lady with big breasts and a abdl match aanmelden petite posture. If you`re a lover of natural beauty and fun daily details of sexy Korean women, follow Sejin.

Choi Somi

Somi is a 25 y.o. professional model, brand ambassador in South Korea, and a hot Korean girl on Instagram. Her page has a clear white aesthetic: pictures of Somi in cute brand outfits, near the beaches in swimsuits, and showing off her athletic slim body in luxury underwear.

The more time people follow her, the more they notice how kind and hardworking Somi is. If you`re into aesthetically pleasing photoshoots and clean IG profiles, this Korean lady can be a stunning addition to your feed on Instagram.

Jung Youna

A successful and young sexy Korean girl on Instagram, Youna has everything she dreamed about at the age of 24. Youna is a race driver and a MAXIM model. She actively posts on her page, shares details about the racing and her emotions, and loves chatting with her followers in comments.

Youna is one of the hottest Korean girls on Instagram who fluently speak English! She always writes posts in Korean and English languages, so foreign followers can keep up with her life. If this made you excited, go and hit that follow on her IG page!

Skyla Choi

A stunning model, entrepreneur, and singer from South Korea. Skyla loves freediving, working out, and being unapologetically herself! If Korean women are sexy, then Skyla is the juiciest among them. Her body is the reason many girls go to the gym: she has a small waist, abs, and a big butt. No matter what dress she wears, Skyle will steal the spotlight from all the other sexy Korean ladies on your timeline.

Skyla`s content is similar but always stunning. She usually posts pictures of herself in swimsuits and tight dresses, or from her diving sessions, trips, or photoshoots. Check out more about her on her IG!

Do Yuri

Welcome a young hot Korean racing and beauty model to your Instagram feed! Yuri is a cute blonde Korean girl on Instagram who works as a racing lady for various motorsport events. She`s an ambassador for many beauty products, as well as delicious drinks.

Besides being a racing model star, Yuri is also an inspiration for many fashion brands. Her style combines cute and sexy outfits, pastel and bright colors, and various hairstyles. If you`re a fan of great cars and sexy girls, Yuri is a must-follow!

Park Lucy

If hot Korean women are guests in your dreams, Lucy is someone you definitely should follow on Instagram. Lucy is a cosplayer, model, and gym lover based in South Korea. She has more than 315k followers from all around the world thanks to her knowledge of English. Lucy loves showing off her athletic body in gym costumes, dresses, and of course, swimsuits! When people are looking for some spicy Korean pictures, Lucy delivers!

Jessica Wang

This Korean hot girl is a true girl boss. Jess has created her clothing brand that`s highly popular in South Korea. She loves posting about the sea, nature, and other daily details of her life. Her page consists of simple aesthetic photos like selfies, brand photoshoots, and collaborations with other famous Korean ladies.

Jess is a popular influencer and constantly partners up with volunteer organizations to make the world around her a better place. She`s among Instagram Korean girls who have a deeply loving heart and smart mind besides a flawless appearance.


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