Your civilization and you will culture of one’s ancient Khaldeans were used is beyond question

Your civilization and you will culture of one’s ancient Khaldeans were used is beyond question

It sing more over that he performed struggle with the newest dragons, and overcame him or her; and lots of say that his valiant deeds were eg unto Hercules

Its really old urban centers, Van, Armavir, was basically foundations of Vannic leaders, if you find yourself recently this has been disclosed that town of Hajk, the southern area of regarding Van, shows a number of the familiar popular features of a beneficial Khaldean payment. But their ultimate jesus inside pre-Christian era was not Khaldis, nevertheless the Persian Ormuzd, and therefore demonstrates that this new Persians worked out an even greater influence.

Just how upcoming could Semiramis actually have come to help you Van for the journey from an enthusiastic Armenian king, because appears that the newest Scythians had already overcome Assyria ahead of the favorable increase out-of Armenian millions? Neither does it have a look that the city of Van is actually created because of the Assyrian king, into the inscriptions make no reference to this lady title. King Memas whom, regarding view of Lynch, built the well-known tunnel, was at most of the opportunities the author of your lawn urban area. The belief, centered on Lynch, as the already said, is that so it legend ‘s the Armenian type of the old Hellenic myth out-of Aphrodite and Adonis, absorbed inside the control of your Seleucid dynasty which used the conquest of Alexander from the 325 B.C.14

But this is exactly unreasonable. That a myth are going to be taken over of the an interest anybody while the letters rechristened is straightforward to know, however, that term of 1 of them are going to be used into old town is really unlikely to put it mildly. Also, brand new legend are flavored rather highly which have Persian voluptuousness, which is not effective off Greek delicacy and you can refinement. Neither is that the horde overran the country just after the damage of Assyria by any means conclusive, having if the there have been one consumption whatsoever, as there need certainly to truly was indeed, the Khaldean community and history was to one to the amount the real palms of Armenians. Also intermarriage would possibly be way too many, for just what Irishman that has been in the united states a couple of weeks cannot discuss about it Benjamin Franklin and you can George Washington while the their forefathers? It’s to-be noted and additionally one to even today the tunnel talked about is called “Shamiram-Su” or lake regarding Semiramis, because of the every Armenians.15 All in all it looks for me conclusive, therefore, your legend away from Semiramis and Ara has its root into the Armenian history, that will be not a form of new Hellenic misconception.

Section 4. The fresh new Legend off Vahakn

The brand new legend away from Vahakn, king and jesus away from Armenians, is quite clearly due to new Greek period, hence accompanied the fresh new Persian conquest significantly less than Xerxes. Vahakn try deified because of his higher valor making the new fire-goodness of your Armenian somebody.sixteen He was named “Vishapakagh,” uprooter away from dragons, because the guy cleaned Armenia of creatures and you may conserved they out-of evil impacts. His exploits was in fact recognized on residency of your gods while the well like in Armenia. The most common of these try this new theft regarding corn of the latest barns from King Barsham from Assyria, away from just who he ran out and tried to mask inside the paradise. By the a knockout post ears he fell inside the rapid journey, truth be told there emerged the latest Milky Way which is sometimes called inside Armenian the new “tabs on the new corn stealer.”17

With your very own ears did we listen to such terminology sung to the latest accompaniment of harp. Anybody else declare that he was a goodness, hence an effective image of your endured about belongings regarding Georgia, where it actually was worshipped, having sacrifices.19

The latest partner of Vahakn are Astghik, brand new goddess off charm, a great personification of moon, corresponding to the newest Phoenician and you may Sidonian Astarte. It is suggestive regarding Greek influence, getting Venus, the newest Greek goddess regarding charm, was also new spouse out of a flames-god, Vulcan.20


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