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The first inhabitants settled in the Ica region about 9,000 years ago. The “man of Paracas”, discovered in the Pampas of Santo Domingo, dates from the year 6 870 a.C. constituting the second oldest horticulturist in Peru.

Two important pre-Inca cultures settled in the region, the Paracas culture (600 BC to 100 AD) and the Nazca culture (100-800 AD). From the first are the beautiful mantles of cotton and wool fibers, preserved in their colors and texture by the climatic conditions and the soil of the area, as well as funerary bales with squatting mummies that show the advance in the technique not only of mummification but also advanced knowledge of medicine and surgery through the so-called trepanation. These mummies were found mainly in Cerro Colorado, where they carved the rock in the form of an inverted cup to condition each bale underground.